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Congress passed health care reform and i am over joyed. I love the fact that insurance companies can't reject you because of pre-existing conditions.

But despite my joy, I am angered about fines forced on people because they don't buy health insurance.... Gee let me see, I know what will make health care change, I'll force you to get health care or fucking spank you with a $695 fine.

This just sounds like, no one will benefit from this but insurance companies - that's why their stocks are up. 32 million new clients just out weighs any losses from persons with terminal or pre-existing conditions.

Also, if you have over 50 employees, you have to provide health insurance or get fined $2, 000 per employee. I love this new idea, that we need to help our sick and old but we shouldn't punish people for not having health care, that's just as bad as not having health care.


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